June 9th, 2010

dancing with myself

Random stuff

I know I should be editing Puck right now, but since Twitter is dead I thought I might use the time to blog. So.. here I am =D

I still don't feel like exam is over, I'm still missing out all kind of things, whysoever. I hope this will change next week, when I have some time off.
Or maybe tomorrow, when I have this very special talk with one of the important people in my company about my future there. I know absolutely nothing about what will be said there, so I'm scared to death. But I will find out. They can't do more than throw me out, I guess. Or move me over to another office far away from bossy. Being away from bossy would be nice, but it would also mean I wouldn't see Joanne 1 & 2 that often. I'd miss them so much. And I would stop working in the mall. I love the mall. I can shop there whenever I want, I can get all the food I want, and it's cool in the summer and warm in winter, which is really awesome. The other office wouldn't have anything of this. It's frigging hot in there. Geez.
Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

At the moment it seems like the people are meaner than usual. Way more often than usual people shout mean things after me. 9 times yesterday. I wonder what they are thinking. "Hey, let's see how long it takes her to cry"? Seriously, people! Even those you consider as ugly still have feelings!

Someone who brightens up my day is an unexpected new friend in my life. One of our Turkish neighbors has his grandchild over. She saw me and started to love me right away. Now every day I'm coming home from work she is there playing in the backyard, and when she sees me, she runs towards me & takes me hand. The little cupcake can't be older than 4. Adorable little girl. <3

Another friend news, a rather sad one, is about Joanne2's girl. 2 weeks ago she was in a car accident. She came with friends from the cinema when another way too fast car crashed into theirs. She wasn't the driver of any of the cars, but she is the only one really hurt. Whereas the people driving too fast weren't hurt at all, poor 16 year old Kim broke her arm that bad she won't be able to use it right for the rest of her life. The doctors still try to save as much flexibility as possible, but it won't be more than 50%. 
Hearing that the Monday after the accident I was quite in a shock. I was out that night too, and I was even thinking about how horrible it would be if someone would crash into us. It's something you never think it could happen to you. And then suddenly it does. And it's not even your fault.
I'm very sorry for poor Kim. I wish I could do something to cheer her up, else than writing a card, that is. I hope neither she nor her mother will lose faith  & the will to live even with a disability. The whole family has been through a lot of bad things already. I just hope they'll stay strong. <3