June 15th, 2010

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I got Whiskey in the summer of 2005 as one half of the very first ferrets I ever got. He was a cute little boy who looked exactly like his sister until he started to grow twice as big as she was. 
From a litter of 7 or 8 little ferrets I chose him because he was the most stupid and stubborn, who got stuck in the hay he lived in and couldn't manage to get out. With time he grew smarter, but inside still was the stupid little ferret boy that made me laugh so much. He never failed at cheering me up, and he didn't mind me hug him when I was sad or needed someone. 
Even though he didn't like nature at all, he enjoyed being outside and always found his way back home. He was awesome to walk with and easy to show around. Vet visits never were problems with him. He never bit anyone or was aggressive at any kind, not even when a small stupid child hit him. I could have done anything with him without him even protesting. Except maybe bathing him. He hated that.
I still don't know why he had to die so early. With 5 years he could have lived another 2, maybe more. But on last Sunday, he slowly started to die.
He was apathetic, couldn't move and didn't eat anything. I stood with him through the night and brought him to the vet early Monday. They never found out what it really was - a poisoning, kidney problems... whatever it was, the vet hoped he might survive. But this afternoon, I got the call I feared for the most: He had a seizure they couldn't stop and he was screaming. I hurried to be with him, but it was too late. When I arrived, he already was dead, and I could do was hold him while his little body went cold and tell him I'll miss him.
Even though I hold him and touched him I still can't get that he is really gone, I still find myself searching for him to hug him, because I am so sad. Of course he is not around anymore. But I guess my mind will need some more days to realize.
I only got 5 years with this to me very special ferret, and he had to leave way too early. I wish I had checked on him earlier today, but- well, now it's too late. I will miss him bad, and even though I will have to find new company for his sister Cherry, I will always remember this little ferret boy as one of the best pets on earth. Ever. 
Goodbye, Whiskey. I hope Rainbow Bridge for you is without any pain, but with all the things you loved. Have the most fluffy bed you can dream of, the best toy to chew on and of course lots of treats of your favorite kind. Meet Loki and Alex and all the brothers and sisters that may be up there. 
We'll meet again one day, baby <3