June 17th, 2010

Stitch, Puppy dog eyes

Of new jobs, trains and ferrets

This was surely a very exciting week. And with exciting I don't mean "Omg, yay!", but a real roller coaster ride of feelings as well as things happening.
As I have already written - Whiskey is dead. It still hurts to think about him. Every now and then I seem to hear him walking through the room & search for him before realizing he isn't there anymore. It still brings me to tears, and cute animals often make me think of him. Out of the sudden comes the picture of him lying there at the vet's, dead. And bang - crying. But I am coping, and my new job is helping me with keeping me busy most of the time.
Okay, that's not true. I'm still bored most of the time. But this time I am allowed to be bored to death, because it's part of my job.
I am now working in a primary school / kindergarten and soon we will also have a "Gymnasium", which is not for sports but some kind of a high school, only for smart kids ;)
Anyway, my new job (that officially won't start before next week, but I'm already there anyway) is half media designer, half girl Friday. Last one is the bigger part at the moment, in fact the only one. I'm starting very slow on answering the phone, sending out contracts and filing things. I feel a bit like Jesse from my story, who began just like that. I don't think it will change over the next few days, because the school is going to end next week and we will move in an other office. AFTER the 4 weeks of that I wouldn't have chosen to but was forced to take, as the school is closed down. But since MoR is right in between of this time, I'm fine with it. 
The school is a private school and bilingual, which is a very big plus for me. I'm far away from bossy and her "God. Crap. Crapcrapcrap!" and am surrounded by patient people who take their time to finish a task, say "no" if they can't do something and are very nice. Most of the talking takes place in English, because half of the staff is from England, America or whereever English is the mother tongue. My boss is a very British lady with a good sense of humor. I am totally in love with the British sense of humor & love watching Black Books and Dr. Who - now I have this all day. She's very lovely, and I love the sound of her English. 
We also have 2 dogs in the office which belong to the boss, Einstein and Maggie. Einstein reminds me a lot of Whiskey, as he is very calm, cute, and some sort of stupid, too. I love this dog, and he loves to cuddle. Maggie on the other side... she hates me. She saw me, she sniffed and she hated me. They told me they've never seen her act like that and they didn't know if she would bite me if I'd come closer. I hope she will get used to me soon, because I'm not up to hurt her and it's annoying if I can't move around without fearing to upset her. I kinda think it's the ferret smell. She will get used to me.
The children in this school are cute, too. Even though most of their parents are rich (I filed the contracts, I saw the numbers) the children are very lovely. The school tries to make no difference in color of the skin and looks, everyone is nice, holds open the door and helps if someone needs help. It's a very good atmosphere. And I don't mind vetting them all day whenever they come in with tiny little scratches =)
The downsides of the job is that I really miss Braunschweig the city. I loved working in the mall and having all the stores I need around. It was not only that I was used to all this, but I actually loved the town. There isn't much in the part of Hannover I'm now working. I found a small supermarket and stuff like that, but I would have to move even further into the city to actually shop anything. Besides, the city isn't half as beautiful as Braunschweig is. This coming from me as someone who is born in Hannover. Usually people like me are supposed to hate Braunschweig, whereas Braunschweig people hate Hannover. Why? I don't know. I still think it's stupid. 
Downside is also that I don't have Subway. But since I get free lunch each day in school (15€ a month for all this food is like it's free!) and it's very tasty, I guess I can live without Subway and all the others. Of course I also miss Joanne 1 & 2, but that's how life is. I'd have moved on one day anyway, and I'm still glad that I'm not under bossy anymore.
A big problem for me of course the long trip. I'm now out like 12 hours a day, leaving at 7am & coming back 7pm. It takes even more time now I have to take the bus - which is because last night there was a train accident right behind my station. One train derailed, another crashed into it, also derailed, and fell into a garden.  Some people are hurt, but no one died, so they had much luck. Mostly because it was close to midnight and there were only 66 people on the train (the other one was a goods train). If it had been rush hour it would have been way worse. Also we have rail works atm, and the trains were very slowly anyway. And of course no one of the people living there were in the garden.
For me it means I leave around an hour earlier (oh so early!), walk 10 minutes to the station, take the bus for 20 minutes, get off, get on the train for 5 minutes, get off, wait 10 minutes, get on the next train, get of after 20 minutes & walk 15 minutes. With all the waiting for the bus in between... well, today I was on the road for like 2 hours. Same thing back. If everything would work fine, I'd only be on 2 trains & some walking & would be there after an hour. But I decided to take the time on the train as time for reading, writing and editing. At the moment it's reading, "The book of the Hopi". I'm still in the myth section (followed by: Legends), and I already love it. It gives me so much for my story, I will have to leave out half of it to get a normal sized novel. But it's very interesting. I love the fact that these myths are ooooooold, very very oooold, and they speak of moving axis of the world, ice, fire, volcanoes and all that weird stuff that scientist now found out about the earths past. And the Hopi already knew. Fascinating!
Anyway, I'm glad if I won't have to take the bus too often. I hope Tuesday will be the last day. Earlier if I'm lucky, but I'm not counting on that. 
Not being away too long would be great not only for me but also for Cherry who must be very lonely. When I come home she doesn't leave my side for a while before leaving me to sleep a bit again. Of course she misses her brother. I'm not sure if she knows he is dead of just things of him gone someplace else, but still he misses him. And with me being out 12 hours and being asleep 8 hours we don't have much time together.
Which means, I need a friend for her. It feels a bit like a betrayal to Whiskey that I'm already searching for a new ferret. But it's mostly for Cherry, who is now alone that much. I want her to have company when I'm in Czech Republic. Besides, there can't be any replacement for Whiskey. He was special. No rerun. Only a new beginning.
So I was searching for ferrets around me. There are lots of babies atm, but they are either really expensive (around 200€? Hello?) or won't be given out until the end of July. I know they need to stay with the mother for some weeks, but I really want them to be here when I am off work, and I don't want them to be all alone just from the beginning on when I'm in Cz. So far I haven't gotten any answer yet. But if everything goes well, I won't need it anymore anyway.
Because today I saw a cute ferret searching for a new home: Muffin. He's 3 years old and a Siamese.Apparently he has a walking disability that doesn't affect him much, and he's only neutered half, as his 2nd testicle is inside his tummy. It doesn't work anymore, he doesn't stink more than any ferret (so I was told), and he seems to be a very kind animal that loves to cuddle. The owner has him for 3 months now as she got him when the partner of her own ferret died (like in the situation Cherry is now in). Then her ferret died too and after 3 deaths in 1 year she doesn't want to continue with ferrets anymore, which is understandable as I had the same with gerbils. 
We talked some time on the phone and on Sunday I will grab Cherry and visit her and Muffin so they can get to know each other. Of it works, I will take him. He is very cute, sounds like a very awesome character, and I don't mind the faults she told me he has. I guess not everyone would like a pet with a disability which makes it hard for him to find a new home. I'm looking forward to Sunday big time. I so hope everything will work out fine, because it sounds like the perfect solution. For me, for the owner, and for the two ferrets of course, who won't have to be alone anymore. Well, IF it works. 
Now this was a huge update. Just like I said, it was a very exciting week. Life can be a bit calmer & more boring again. Next week!